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Monthly Favorites: April Loves Me

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Woah! You guys, can you believe it's May already??? Don't get me wrong - April has been beyond fantastic, so much so that I didn't want the month to end. But I'm writing this in MAY??? I read an article about a psychological explanation as to why time seems to fly faster as we grow older, and I realized that as long as I focus more on creating memories instead of just the destination, time shouldn't leave any pangs of regret.

So to kick off May, I'll leave you my favorite things in April:

This darling boy who acts like a human sometimes, and it is so utterly adorable. I recently read a study that discusses how cats think of us as bigger, clumsier cats. I mean, I guess?? XD

This is a photo I took while boyfriend was driving - it looked so much like a gargantuan bird flying over the freeway. I knew I had to take a photo!

This Raspberry & Chocolate opera cake from The Park Restaurant was divine. Also, how cute are those intricate meringues?????

Yea, I'm kind of obsessed with this show. If you're into crime & legal drama, this might be your jam.

Pretty sunsets.

Gorgeous flowers! I always buy flowers for my apartment because it makes me happy.

This collection handbook given to me by my coworker/friend, Josh. It's super cool, and I always love thoughtful gifts. He knows how much I am into the arts, and this was such a wonderful gift.

Source: Ron Cogswell
Gabriel Dawe's art installations are my current obsession. I discovered his work sometime around early April and they make me so excited and blissful. Look at how gorgeous and rainbow-reminiscent his artworks are! I can only hope to see them in person sooner rather than later.

Aside from the above, I also can't forget to mention my recent birthday celebrations (1,2&3) because this year's birthday is definitely my favorite so far. Do you have any April favorites? 

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