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Grayscale: Movement & Quiescence

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Music: Scary by Björk
This Grayscale post is dedicated to people like me who are too terrified of crossroads, of loud noises, of jumping off the cliff (both metaphorically and literally), of falling in love, of committing, of letting go, of moving on, of heartbreak, of being too happy for fear that the worst is right around the corner.
Here's to people like me whose butterflies in the stomach wear steel boots that trample on innards over every little thing, whose hands quiver at the thought of discomfort and changes and feeling too much.
Here's to people like me who write long, run-on sentences with a series of ands because they feel too overwhelmed and are scared and anxious and exhausted. Here's to people like me, who would rather cower by the sidelines but have chosen to be brave instead because sometimes the person we're willing to risk for - whether it's someone else or ourselves - is more than worth it.

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