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Oddball of Sorts: The Museum of Jurassic Technology

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The Museum of Jurassic Technology came highly recommended by one of my boyfriend's friends, and since we both love trying out new places, we went to Culver City filled with excitement. This museum is an oddball alright. I think my boyfriend coined it perfectly when he said "It's like an anti-museum".

I expected something somewhat gargantuan to reflect what seemed like its larger-than-life name but the facade was pretty unassuming. Once inside, a receptionist and shelves of books welcomed us. We paid $8, which was the price for the general admission, and stepped into the actual museum. A sign that discouraged photography/videography was placed predominantly on the wall as you enter. As weird sounds wafted through the air, wispy lights provided the sole source of brightness, giving the place an eerie and somber effect. If you're claustrophobic, the first floor may not be the best place for you.

There are two floors of completely random, almost haphazard exhibits. Some of the exhibits weren't working while others were just completely bathed in darkness. I don't have a lot of photos but have managed to take a few regardless.

I know photography was highly discouraged because it may encumber the other visitors but a bust of Napoleon Bonaparte in an adjoining room that had no one else in it was just too tempting.
Next to the bust of Napoleon Bonaparte. I'm not entirely sure why I took a photo of this.
A bouquet of flowers in the tea room. 
Black English tea & cookies served freely in the tea room. This was really good!
Tea room.

I think my favorite things about the entire museum were the video biography & exhibit of Hagop Sandaldijian microminiature statues, Henry Dalton's micromosaics, the tea room, the tea itself (it was really good tea) and the aviary. Photographs were strictly not allowed in the aviary so I don't have photos of those, but believe me when I say that it is a refreshing sight to behold. Boyfriend and I especially loved the architectural styles of both the tea room and the aviary.

Shortly thereafter, I found out that some of the things in the exhibit were, more often than not, untrue. I told you it was very "anti-museum". *wink* Overall, this place was an interesting way to spend an hour or two in. I would recommend it to open-minded people who want nothing specific but also nothing rather mundane. I wouldn't go back anytime soon, but it was well worth the drive.

Have you been to The Museum of Jurassic Technology? What are your thoughts?

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