Introverts unite!

Sunrise Hikes at Griffith Park

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I've always had an affinity for sunrises and sunsets, and watching both on a peak overlooking Los Angeles gives me such a high every time that sunrise and sunset hikes are things I do almost regularly. So when I challenged my boyfriend to wake up an hour before sunrise and do a sunrise hike with me, it was a test of the relationship (jk). Fortunately enough, he willingly obliged. 

His water bottle's color name is actually Safety Orange, which completely explains the almost irreverent brightness. XD

We grabbed breakfast from The Village afterwards, not only because they were closest but also because they were the only restaurant that opened at 7 a.m. (good to know!). I got the tuna sandwich with tomato basil soup as side, and boyfriend got the Mediterranean omelette. My order was delicious, and I was honestly too hungry to even think about taking a photo of it. boyfriend's order, for some weird reason, was messed up and he got the veggie omelette instead. It was still delicious, however, and we're keeping this place in mind for the next hike. This particular Sunday was productive overall,y and was definitely a good day. 

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