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JaneVentures: Pedal Boating in Echo Park Lake

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Since I moved to Echo Park, giving the Echo Park pedal boats a spin was something I've always wanted to do. But we either forget, don't have the time or are just plain to lazy to do so. This weekend, however, was a different story. We finally got around to doing it! Boyfriend left his sunglasses in his car so he ended up using a pair of sunglasses I got for free from a Lyft representative.  We walked to the pedal boat dock around 5 p.m. because it wasn't too hot but the sun was still up.

The rates, as of this writing, were $10 per adult and $5 per kid for an hour, which we gladly paid. I think they recently added an option to pay via card because on yelp, reviewers were saying they only accept cash. The staff manning the dock were all efficient and friendly. They instructed us not to go too close to the edges or go into the areas that are roped in (usually where the water lilies where). After putting on our life vests, we were guided towards our boat.

If you know me, I've always been so in awe of Echo Park Lake's beauty, even before I moved into the area. Imagine my absolute bliss when we started going into the middle of the lake, right by the fountains. I was getting wet by the fountain's mist but I was pretty darn happy.

I thought my phone's camera wouldn't be able to capture the rainbow's majestic beauty but it came as a surprise to both my boyfriend and I that it did. 

It was a gorgeous day - the lake looked particularly stunning, the lilies were abloom and people were usually lounging about, playing with their kids or walking their dogs. We saw a rainbow by the fountains and a turtle (or maybe two, we aren't exactly sure) emerge from the water, only to come swimming back down the moment it saw us headed its way. It was a good experience though we were over it after about half an hour. Plus, my boyfriend was kind of complaining about how his long legs make it harder for him to pedal (oh, the few pros of being petite).

I probably wouldn't go again but time can only tell. If anything, it was a relatively good leg workout. Have you been to the Echo Park Lake? What is your favorite activity in the area?

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