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Foodgasm: Daw Yee Myanmar Corner

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My boyfriend and I have never had Burmese food before so when I found out that a Burmese restaurant called Daw Yee Myanmar Corner was opening in my neighborhood, we had to give it a try. Burmese food hails from the scenic country of Burma, which is now officially known as Myanmar. Before I move on to my review, allow me to state that I am completely obsessed with this place. It opened three weeks ago, and we've been here four times. So yea, obsessed.
Dinner spread on our 3rd(?) visit here with Mohinga, Tea Leaf Salad & Myanmar Milk Tea. I also ordered Molasong for myself but it arrived a bit later after I took this photo.
Mohinga, Myanmar's national breakfast dish, though we usually get it for dinner. We both think this is SO MUCH BETTER than ramen or pho. Sorry, not sorry.
An empty Fish Cake Curry bowl and my glass of Molasong

Ambiance: The ambiance inside Daw Yee Myanmar Corner had an interesting and eclectic feel as it combined cultural ornaments and quite possibly, though not entirely sure, modern-vibe paper mache, animal heads. The wooden tables, coupled with brightly colored chairs, made it even more so.

Service: On our first visit, our waitress was actually Burmese, so she suggested several dishes that we may be interested in. She was amicable and made us feel at home. I never saw her again after that visit though. Nevertheless, we've had mostly efficient service from the waiters and waitresses here.

Food: Within all of our four visits, we ordered the Mohinga, Fish Cake Curry, Tea Leaf Salad, Molasong, Myanmar Milk Tea, Shwe Kyi Cake and Tapioca Cake. The Mohinga is, by far, our absolute favorite. Served with a couple slices of lime, chili flakes, cilantro, lentil fritters and (optional for additional $1) boiled egg with rice noodles and catfish soup base, it took my breath away. It's honestly so much better than any ramen or pho we've ever tried, though we're open to being proven wrong. You know where to find us during the harsh, biting cold of winter!

The Fish Cake Curry, which came with a side of rice with fried peanuts on top, was delicious as well.  I've had lots of curry cuisines - Indian, Thai, Filipino - but Burmese curry had a different taste altogether. I'm not a salad person (unless that salad contains arugula) but I actually liked the Tea Leaf Salad, which was made from Myanmar-imported tea leaves, steamed corn, yellow lentils, fried garlic and roasted peanuts. It was fresh and the texture was superb. The Molasong was a delicious and sweet drink that contained whole milk, coconut milk, pandan jelly and tapioca. I didn't like the Myanmar Milk Tea so much and I honestly thought it was unmemorable. For dessert, we ordered the Shwe Kyi Cake, a gluten-free cake made with semolina wheat and poppy seeds, and Tapioca Cake. Unfortunately, we both didn't really like them and found them underwhelming. They were just not the kind of desserts we were looking for, especially since my sweet tooth is bigger than my stomach.

However, everything else was so on point in this restaurant and you best believe I'm coming back again and again and again and again and - you know what I'm going to say.

Will you recommend Daw Yee Myanmar Corner to friends? 100% Yes. You might even catch us there!

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