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Foodgasm: By Chloe

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A restaurant originally established in New York City, By Chloe recently opened a restaurant in Los Angeles close to the new 365 Whole Foods store in Silverlake (a very fitting location, if you ask me). Unsurprisingly enough, it quickly became every vegan bruncher's dream.

They accidentally put our food in to-go boxes even though we ordered it for eating inside the vicinity.

Ambiance: Everything in this place was adorable and so instagram-worthy - from the dainty tables and swinging chairs to the cute napkins and to-go packages. The decor is just so endearing and suffice to say, I'm completely in love with the  place's aesthetic.

Service: This place is basically self-service so you come up to the counter to place your order after which you'd be given a buzzer to signal that your food is ready to be picked up. The cashiers were friendly and smiled often. The food also came quicker than we expected it to take, which adds another kudos to this place.

Food: We ordered the ginger kombucha, pesto "meatball" sandwich for me, the guac burger for my boyfriend and the chlostess cupcake to share. I got samplings of their beet ketchup and chipotle aioli, which were dips for their fries. The fries from By Chloe were air baked, and as healthier as they are in comparison to deep fried fries, my Belgian boyfriend is all about the taste.  I figured we could use them for the sandwich and burger that we ordered (I was wrong). The beet ketchup was too sweet and too beet-y but the chipotle aioli was good!

The pesto "meatball" sandwich, which was made with portobello mushrooms and other vegetables (for the meatballs), marinara, sweet peppers, basil pesto, cashew mozz, potato sub roll and almond parmesan, was amazing in my mouth. I might have gasped a couple of times because of how good it was. Unlike a lot of vegan food we've had in the past, this was far from dry and tasteless. The flavors were just too good to be true. The guac burger, which boasted a black bean/quinoa/sweet potato patty as well as corn salsa, onion guac, tortilla strips, chipotle aioli and whole grain bun, had a good taste and texture. I still liked my sandwich better though whereas my boyfriend liked his burger better in comparison to mine. We didn't even get to use the beet ketchup and the chipotle aioli sauce because the flavors were too good that we didn't want to mess with it. The chlostess cupcake was also delicious! All dark chocolatey, gooey goodness that is not too sweet and hits just the right notes.

Will you recommend By Chloe to friends? Heck yea! We might even accompany them!

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