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Foodgasm: Grilliant, Eden On Brand & Crab Boil

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One of the numerous things my boyfriend and I love in all mutuality and without question (aside from each other) is food. So it only makes sense that trying new places is also our favorite thing to do on our dates. Here are a few new places we've tried over the last couple of months:

This was a yelp search result while we were looking for food close to the Museum of Jurassic Technology (the visit of which I wrote about in detail here). Grilliant, despite its clean and precise aesthetic, was kind of a disaster for both of us. We had ordered two salmon kebab plate, eggplant mirza & sumac fries. Okay, first off, as I was about to take a sip from my glass of water, I noticed a lipstick mark on my glass. I immediately went up to the cashier and asked for a replacement. She had apologized profusely and offered free drinks, which I had declined. We rarely really drink anything but water. That was discomfiting but no harm, no foul as they say.

When our order came, the waitress only brought one salmon kebab plate, instead of two. It was merely a misunderstanding and we ordered another plate. The eggplant mirza came with pita slices and it was delicious! The sumac fries were 'eh' though, and weren't really all that memorable (I'm probably going to make a top 5 best french fries post soon given how much my boyfriend loves fries so keep a lookout!). We started eating one of the plates but when the second one finally came, we were starting to get irked. The cashier took our order wrong and brought us a chicken kebab plate - not a salmon one. Considering we are both paescetarian, it was getting on my nerves.

The eggplant mirza and pita slices. This was so good!

Sumac fries and salmon kebab plate. The former was 'eh' and the latter was delicious!

Chocolate covered strawberries

We decided to eat the chicken regardless (because throwing it away would have been a bigger travesty to the chicken who had to die for it). When we were finishing up on our meal, the manager came and gave us two chocolate covered strawberries to apologize for all the mix up. They were delicious, and given how we were enjoying ourselves regardless, it was easy to let all the mishaps go. Are we going to come back? Probably not, considering it's located in Culver City and we're rarely ever in the area. But if we come back, I'd give them a second chance. The food itself was good and hey, maybe they were having an off day.

Eden on Brand
A new addition to the emerging nightlife of Glendale, my boyfriend wanted to try this place for the longest time but wanted to wait until I was raring to go.The ambiance is wonderful albeit it was a bit too rambunctious for my taste. We went for dinner and ordered the Mexican Pizza, the Truffle Burger, cannoli, a sour beer for me and an IPA for my boyfriend. The Mexican pizza was good taste-wise, except I did not pay $14 for pizza that tastes exactly like tacos. It was an interesting experience for sure but honestly not something I would do again. My boyfriend liked his burger though I personally found it ho-hum.

Probably one of the biggest let-down was the cannoli we ordered - they looked nothing like a cannoli. It was basically just donuts with caramel sauce and strawberry & pistachio ice cream. As a big fan of ice cream, I have to admit the ice cream was really good, but that doesn't legitimize the fraudulent advertising. It was good but it was no cannoli.

Personally, the food wasn't worth it for me and I'm not going back.

This is nowhere near what an actual cannoli looks like

Crab Boil (Brunch)
Crab Boil is a place we frequent for dinner. It's a good substitute to Boiling Crab and it's closer to our area in general. They recently added a brunch menu, and as people who yearn for new things, we went ahead and gave their brunch selections a try.

My boyfriend ordered shrimp & grits with roasted potatoes while I ordered Crab Benedict with hashbrowns. We also ordered nutella topped beignets for dessert. The verdict? We'll skip brunch and just go to Crab Boil for dinner like we always do. There was nothing specifically wrong with the dishes per se but cajun was just not a fitting meal for breakfast. It was heavy yet grating at the same time. The beignets weren't the right texture that we wanted and everything was just 'OK'. Our taste buds aren't particularly content with OK.

Any recent food trips you went on recently? What are you raring to try?

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