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Seeing Mac Demarco Live

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My boyfriend introduced me to Mac Demarco a little after we started dating and I've been hooked ever since. Around January, I found out that he's doing a show in LA on May 19th and as early as it was, we decided to book tickets.

The gates opened at 6pm and since we both got out of work almost an hour before, we had decided to meet at the Greek Theatre instead. Once there, we were in line for about half an hour before we were allowed inside. We got dinner to oblige our grumbling stomachs -- nachos, sweet potato fries and two veggie burgers. We considered getting beers but 1.) None of the beers they had was the type I liked 2.) They were $12 a bottle. 

The opener was Kirin J. Callinan, whose music I did not like at all. We were actually pretty bewildered as to why he was the opening act in the first place when his music didn't jive with Jonathan Richman and Mac Demarco's. We later found out he was the latter's friend. Anyway, as he was ending his set, Mac & Kiki came out to sing with him. The crowd pretty much went insane. After his set, Jonathan Richman followed shortly after. His music was quaint, sweet and spontaneous, and it reminded me of spoken word in so many ways. My boyfriend told me to check out his band called the Modern Lovers and I'm actually listening to their 1976 album while writing this post.

And finally, Mac Demarco came out. EVERYONE went wild and just started standing up. No one was sitting all while he was playing and conversing with people. I got too excited I accidentally stepped on my boyfriend's foot. Mac Demarco is such a dork but he emits this laidback and "I'm-too-cool" vibe simultaneously. The paradox perplexes me but at the same time, it makes him and his music all the more endearing. I think it's also important to note that he sounds exactly like his recorded music.

At some point, he called one of the audience in the pit who was vaping to come up on the stage and join his friends who were hanging out near the stage. During one of Mac's songs, he urged the guy to crowdsurf. He actually did, all while vaping. It was hilarious.

A little after that, Mac sang Chamber of Reflection and some of the people in the pit started climbing up the stage. Mac obliged and was pretty chill even though I was scared they'd ruin his sync. Since we were one of the first 1000 people to come into the theatre, we also got a free Mac Demarco poster, which I now have hanging on my wall.

Seeing him live was an epic experience, especially since he sang all my favorite songs spanning his albums throughout the years. This night made me really happy. If you're interested in giving Mac Demarco a listen, this, this, this and this (confession: the last vid is a live, acoustic rendition instead of a studio version but it was so sweet, so giddy and so wonderful that I had to share) are a few of my favorite songs by him. Enjoy!

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