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The Park Restaurant

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Since moving to my new neighborhood, trying out new restaurants in the area has been what R and I have been doing lately. I'm nothing if not for my love of good food, and there is no truer gem than finding the perfect neighborhood restaurant that's consistently bringing delicious food, impeccable service and a cozy atmosphere. With that said, The Park Restaurant has become one of my favorites in the neighborhood, and for lots of good reasons.

Situated rather vicariously on the edge of Sunset and Douglas, this charming restaurant looks tiny from the outside yet packs quite a roomy punch on the inside. You have the option to dine al fresco or indoors, and for the most part, I've preferred indoors. Don't get me wrong, their outdoor patio is adorable but given how cold it's been in Los Angeles recently, I'm doing my poor body a favor by dining indoors.

The servers are really amazing too - cordial and observant without being intrusive. In fact, we've gone here often enough that they recognize us by now, and can pretty much foretell what we're ordering.

One of the best things about The Park is their diverse menus. Pro-tip: Try out Park on Tuesday, Wednesday and Weekend evenings. Personally, Tuesday evenings are my favorites as they offer pre-fixed three course dinner for only $20. It's the perfect romantic evening for a third date or if you and your significant other just wants to dress up and enjoy a candlelight dinner.

Probably the best entree I've had in their pre-fixed menu - Mushroom farro cakes with bearnaise sauce. 

I've tried tiramisu in the Philippines, and I've never liked them. This tiramisu, however, was completely delicious. I wished there was more!

Banana split! Look at all the adorable and delectable colors!

Eggplant parmesan with side arugula. Honestly, I've never regarded arugula highly until I came to this place - they make the most delicious arugula salad and this side was just on point.

Halva tart with apricot compote and vanilla semifreddo

Their Wednesday evenings are burgers night, and while it was delicious, I've never really been a burger person so I might not have appreciated it as much as my boyfriend had. However, if you're a big burger fan then Wednesday night is the best night to try this place out.

As it is, The Park is currently a mainstay in my rotation of restaurants in Echo Park, and if you ever decide to give this place a try, I guarantee you won't regret it.

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