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Best Things About Living in Echo Park

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Even before I moved into the neighborhood, I've always been enamored with Echo Park. In fact, one of my dreams was to jog around Echo Park lake (which is actually something I got to do before 2015 ended - yay!).

Since moving in, I've fallen for this neighborhood hook, line and sinker. Here are some of the reasons why:

The Echo Park Lake is definitely a sweet spot for a picnic or a run!
Street art near Mohawk Bend, one of the numerous restaurants inundating Echo Park.

 I'm completely in love with sunsets here..
Gorgeous flowers sold for $2 at the Vons.
  • Echo Park Lake. Seriously, if you don't think this is one of the best parts about living in Echo Park, you're wrong. With its newly renovated lake, stunning panoramic view and the wide running area, this place is a sight to behold and every runner's wet dream.
  • Proximity to everything! I live in a walking distance to bus stops, more than enough groceries (I'm counting 4 so far), pharmacies, libraries, post office and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. Other than that, EP is smack dab in the middle of other neighborhoods, including Silver lake, Los Feliz, Highland Park, Atwater Village and Glendale.
  • Thrift stores and 99 cents stores galore. I'm a fan of thrifting and cheap purchases in general. Some of my favorite thrift stores in the area are the Lemon Frog Shop Vintage Bazaar & Sunday's Best Thrift Apparel. Finding unique & adorable clothes, random knick knacks, books and art for half the price is always a wonderful thing in my book.
  • Nightlife & entertainment are easy to find. Echo Park is home to a wide array of bars and concert venues in walking distance to each other. The Echo, Echoplex & The Satellite all have events going on throughout the week. Sunset Beer Company, an amazing liquor store/bar that I visit when I get a hankering for a duchess or a framboise, is a stone's throw away from my apartment. EP also happens to be a haven for tranquil and relaxing coffee shops if you want to just hang out with a friend, study for an upcoming exam or write the next big hit. Stories Books & Cafe is definitely my favorite as it combines delicious food & drinks, and lots of carefully curated books.
  • Lots of hidden gems - I mean lots of hidden gems. There's the Time Travel Mart, which has an armada of interesting and quirky items for fun and is the perfect place for your next white Christmas. There's the beautiful wildflower trail, which is a perfect beginner's hiking trail. The Baxter stairs are a cool addition to the neighborhood, and Carroll Avenue, which houses Victorian era architectural styles, provides a snippet of heritage. I have yet to uncover a lot of things in Echo Park but I look forward to discovering new things in my new neighborhood.
How about you? What do you like about your neighborhood?

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