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3 Things I Realized After a Social Media Hiatus

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I recently went on a social media hiatus after what felt like an overwhelming time of browsing online. What with the elections looming overhead, casting a shadow of gloom and doom, it felt easier and smarter to withdraw, rejuvenate and find myself again. And like all new things, I came out of the hiatus with lessons and epiphanies, which I will be sharing today:

  1. I spend way too much time online. I realized I spend AT LEAST 3-5 hours online and that wasn't even hours spent on imbibing current events and information. I did not count the time I spent reading news, informative articles or listening to TED talk podcasts. It was just useless and mindless wandering on the internet that I could have easily done without. On my hiatus, I found myself not knowing what to do with the extra time I suddenly had. So I read books, learned how to speak basic phrases in French, did more meditations and practiced more yoga moves. It was definitely a productive month for me.
  2. The world, and consequently the people around me, needs more attention. The thing about social media is that at its best, it's a virtual image of the world around me. At its worst, it's a distraction from the beauty you can only see when you observe what the world has to offer. While on a social media hiatus, I noticed beautiful sceneries more, became more sensitive to people's needs and just overall became more appreciative of the life I live. It's easy to be distracted by the barrage of information and likes, but when you look back, it's not online assurance you remember. It's the memories, the people and how you felt. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what matters.
  3. Social media is a cesspool of low self-esteem. Seriously, it's weird how we're still constantly comparing ourselves to other people online when we know and they know and everyone with an IQ of at least 1 knows - NO ONE IS PERFECT. The highly curated, meticulously planned and feverishly organized social media content doesn't change that fact. While on my social media hiatus, I've spent more time looking into myself instead of outwards. I stopped comparing myself to other people, read more about improving myself and practiced it to no end. I liked the break from all the online noise, focusing only on myself, what I felt and what I could offer. It rejuvenated me, and I'm happier.
I wouldn't put it past myself to dive right back into another social media hiatus. Taking a step back felt amazing, and if it helps me deal with life better, a hundred likes won't make me stay.

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