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Monthly Favorites: nothing.

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And by nothing, I mean no puns. I legitimately spent five minutes trying to come up with an original pun for September and failed. Fortunately, I have more than enough favorites to make up for it!

Eventrockit food market is a fantastic event that happens every other month and changes locations ever so often. They have new food vendors every event and some old favorites as well. We had some sushi + taco fusion and blue crab & avocado crostinis from Norigami. We both found the sushi tacos amazing while the crostinis were just okay. On the other hand, both the mango chili and a couple of delicious aguas frescas we ordered from a drink stand were delicious. We also ordered a plate of good Thai Garlic noodles from a Thai Truck (I forgot the name!).

We also ordered some authentic Belgian Waffles from Marcel Waffles for desserts. We got the Original Liege and Original Brussels waffles without any toppings. Out of the two, the Liege was definitely our favorite. Since my boyfriend is Belgian, I was also looking forward to his thoughts (we've been on a look out for authentic Belgian waffles for a while), and he thought it was definitely close to the waffles in Belgium

Recently, my coworkers and I went to Escape Room LA as part of the company's team building exercise. While in the waiting room, we played a couple of games. As we were ushered in and given our orientation, we were instructed to turn off our phones so no photos - le sigh. Our HR person chose The Theatre theme, and off we went! I managed to solve one puzzle and felt mostly confused half of the time. While it was definitely fun and thrilling, I'm not much of a puzzles person (even though I like my whodunits - weird, I know). My boyfriend would definitely enjoy "escaping" though, and while I'm not as good in it as he is, I look forward to coming back regardless.

We're not big fans of shabu shabu because most restaurants serve only meat with little to no options for paescetarians like us. However, Joon Shabu Shabu was different. They offered a good seafood plate that was more than enough to entice us. It had a few pieces of big scallops, salmon and shrimp. We were given an elaborate orientation on "how to of shabu shabu". It was quite an exciting experience. My only criticism would be that we left feeling a wee bit hungry, which is kind of unacceptable for the $50+ bill.

Out of sheer curiosity, we decided to try out Lola's Peruvian Restaurant and HOLY COW, it's amazing. We've been there three times in the last two weeks (yep, we're obsessed), and it never disappoints. We've had their salmon plate, seafood paella and seafood pasta. The salmon plate probably had the best grilled salmon I've had in my entire lifetime, and trust me when I say, I've had a lot. The seafood paella and seafood pasta were extraordinary as well.
Alfajores - Peruvian cookies
We also had the Lucuta ice cream, corn flan and alfajores, all of which we've never had before. Out of the three, the corn flan was probably my favorite, although they have all been gastronomically orgasmic. I can't wait to go to this place again!

As a lover of all things ice cream, it seemed a travesty not to try Flavors Creamery, the new gelato place in Glendale. It was cheap (I got a small size for only $2!), and while it didn't wow me, it was a good price for what I paid. Besides, the people were friendly and I prefer supporting mom and pop shops in lieu of big companies.

Granted, I've only been to three German gastropubs in LA but Wurstk├╝che slays them all. Touting one of the best fries, bratwursts AND beer selection in the area (it has my favorite sour beer on tap!), this place has carved a place in my heart and decided to hibernate there. In fact, I've always regularly craved for a visit to this restaurant. It's quite a drive and the traffic is horrible, but it's forever worth it.

This street art I saw while we were stopped in traffic in Glendale. I love it not only because of my affinity for art but also because of my affinity for puns. I thought it was cute and witty, and definitely worthy of being on my September favorites!

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