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JaneVentures: Boulder, Colorado

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Boulder is a mishmash of everything I love about life - good food, closeness to nature and people who generally have a laidback and amicable disposition. With its old country charm and beautiful buildings, it was a good week indeed. I won't be surprised if I find my way back into the city again.

This map was one of the highlights of our hotel room. I loved it! It was a hilarious and accurate depiction of Boulder in general. I highly recommend staying in Basecamp Boulder if you find yourself in the area.
 More hotel room art.
 The hotel room lobby. I fell in love with our hotel's aesthetic from the get-go. 
The hotel's check-in desk.
Smith-Klein gallery located along Pearl St. It was a cozy space but definitely brimming with beautiful art!

I felt compelled to visit two of the book stores in Boulder. The Boulder Book Store played Bach in the background. The Trident Booksellers and Cafe played The Smiths. I love them both.

Canyon Gallery is smack dab beside the Boulder Public Library. 

Of course, I find myself in the company of an endearing pink-haired old man in a gorgeous public library. Of course.

The creek that innervates Boulder - people love fishing and tubing here!
University of Colorado campus - the buildings & pretty much everything in this place were gorgeous!
Fiske planetarium
Infrared signals emitting from me inside the Fiske Planetarium
The Chautauqua trailhead and my boyfriend's elbow. We hiked along the path even though it was drizzling, but he made sure to give me his hoodie so I was protected from the rain and the cold! He's the sweetest.
I don't know why but this house reminded me of the cartoon Heidi, which I caught a few times in my childhood.
Ranger house near the Chautauqua trail
More art along Pearl St.
We were walking towards the Red Rocks trail when we came across these array of houses that were so reminiscent of San Francisco. We ended up not going to the trail because it was farther than we expected - I know, we got lazy.

Art installation at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary art
Portraits of Boulder Farmers' Market fixtures

Boulder was lovelier in all regards and exceeded my expectations in more ways than one. The beauty of the city comes not only from being so close to nature (my photos do not do it justice!), the active lifestyle (I've never walked as much as I did this year than when I was in Boulder), the fresh air, the delicious and reasonably priced food (I'll be writing about all the Boulder food we tried on my next blog post!) and the warm people definitely made the experience all the more perfect. I am so glad to have checked that off my list!

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