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Monthly Favorites: July(k) Star Trek & Pokemon GO?

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I know you might be feeling rather compelled to throw a rotten tomato towards my general direction after that hideous pun but I am nothing without my my love-hate relationship with puns so you'd have to suffer through that, unfortunately. I haven't written a monthly favorites in a while because I'm a lazy little prick having the time of my life. Seeing as to July is ending and I did have a lot of favorites this month, I thought it was high time I made another monthly favorites post. So, without further ado, here are my July favorites:
Every self-respecting Filipino will tell you that the best Filpino meal is homecooked. In other words,  if I'm going to a restaurant to pay for Filipino food, it better be damn well take me to the moon and back. With that said, EagleRock.Kitchen is a favorite go-to for when I have a hankering for Filipino breakfast food. We usually order the BangSiLog (Fried milkfish, garlic fried rice and fried egg) but we loved the ERK fries and ginataang bilo bilo. Their vinegar is amazing! It tastes just like the vinegar served with "silog" dishes in the Philippines, and it satisfies my palate in more ways than one. If you're interested in trying Filipino cuisines, I highly recommend this place.

An unassuming treasure in Glendale, Gam Tu Bop serves delectable rice balls with reasonable prices. We ordered the Gam Tu Bop #2, which came with free edamame and miso soup. We ordered the spicy shrimp, tuna, unagi (made from sushi grade unagi, you guys!) and salmon rice balls. Our favorite was definitely the unagi rice ball followed by the salmon. The spicy shrimp and tuna were both just 'eh'. I also found the cashier, who is also possibly the owner, absolutely adorable! If you're in the area and in dire need of carb overloading, head over to this place. It's worth it. Trust me.

A coworker gave me this stainless steel bracelet recently and I haven't taken it off yet (even if it clashes with the accessories I'm wearing). It's just too adorable to take off.

My boyfriend introduced me to Star Trek: The Next Generation recently, and suffice to say, I'm obsessed! It has 7 seasons and we just started watching season 2, but if you ask me why I love this show, I wouldn't know how or where to start. The characters are endearing & brilliant (except for the occasional underdeveloped caricature characters but who doesn't have them, right?), the plot lines are so cerebral and ponderous, it's so visually entertaining and I desperately wish I had a replicator and a holodeck. Yup. I'm a Star Trek girl now.

These are all the drinks in my refrigerator. However, the star of the show is definitely GT's Synergy organic kombucha in Trilogy flavor. I stopped drinking soda almost three years ago, and I've never looked back. However, on hot, humid days like all of the sweltering Los Angeles summers, I miss the fizzy feeling that only comes with carbonated drinks. I'm not a big fan of fizzy water *coughs* Perrier *coughs* because I personally think it's kind of gross. Enter my summer year round must-have: KOMBUCHA

I discovered kombucha three years ago and have loved it since. It has probiotics, less calories and sugar content than soda and it tastes great! We love kombucha so much we actually started making our own from the scoby of a Trilogy kombucha. I can't wait to give it a try!

If you follow me on instagram & twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you're well aware that I've been playing Pokemon GO since its release almost three weeks ago. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with the game so much as my inner 90s kid liking the idea of catching all 151 pokemons and having a viable reason to sing the Pokemon theme song in the shower more than twice. It also gives me a better motivation to be more active because evolving a charmander to a charizard trumps health and general wellness y'all. As of writing, I am level 16 and have 66 pokemons stashed in my pokedex.

These smile-inducing flowers I got from my boss for working so hard on the first week of July. I did 10 hours worth of overtime and managed not to die. I consider that as one of my greatest personal accomplishments in life right next to not accidentally killing Mac & Kiki (my succulents!) yet.

Inasmuch as July gave me a lot of wonderful memories, I'm excited for August! What are your favorite moments of July?

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