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Foodgasm: Ba (CLOSED)

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I'm not entirely sure how I came across Ba on yelp (I think I might have been looking for new brunch places as I tend to complain about the scant amount of brunch-worthy restaurants near Glendale) but I'm glad I found it. Situated in a nondescript building in Highland Park, Ba is a hidden jewel offering French cuisines. The fact that it was so close to a Scoops, probably one of my favorite ice cream shoppes ever, was an additional bonus as well.

Ambiance: Ba's aesthetic reminded me of Victorian mansions with its baroque patterned wallpaper juxtaposed with whitewashed brick walls and ornaments in dark wood. Fortunately, it leaned towards luxe instead of gauche. While we were waiting for food, they were having issues with the pipeline. One of the pipes on the ceiling was dripping on the table next to us. After requesting to be moved to an adjacent table, all was well.

Service: The service, overall, was okay. We had a short conversation with the male waiter with regards to the menu and he seemed knowledgeable and was altogether nice.

Food: Ba's menu was seasonal and tended to rotate depending on what's in season to ensure you have the freshest, most high-quality ingredients. We had ordered mushroom brulee and the Lemon infused halibut to share. The mushroom brulee was topped with brie cheese and came with toasted bread. It absolutely delicious! I've never had anything quite like it before and the flavors were bursting inside my mouth. We praised the dish a lot and the waiter told us that it was an old French dish, which came as a surprise to both of us. We both thought it was an innovative twist to a classic dish but hey, good to know! We also ordered a lemon infused halibut with spring beans, which turned out to be just 'eh'. It had very little flavor, if any. Don't get me wrong, it was well-cooked and the texture was great but we've paid for half the price for more flavorful fish.

Will you recommend Ba to friends? I'm not too sure on this one. I guess it depends on the friend. If it's a friend who's always down to try new things, then I'd recommend Ba for sure. Personally, I don't think I'd be back anytime soon, unless I get a hankering for another mushroom brulee. 

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