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Tabula Rasa

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I've had a journal since I can remember. While it was mostly filled with hormonal surges, first everything (my reaction to my first period was kind of funny) and melodrama, it helped me reminisce good memories and reflect on how far I've changed from the teenage Jane.

I was 10(?) when I first started blogging and my first blog was, funnily enough and completely unbeknownst to me until years after, in a social media site much like Friendster and Myspace. I mostly used the blogging feature though.

While I still keep journals (mostly for emotional downpours - I mean, I don't think any of you wants to read my anxieties and weird overthinking spiels), I miss being able to write about moments when they happen. And let's face it, while a good old pen and paper journaling is useful when you're hashing out emotions and frustrations, they're not as efficient nor as mindlessly entertaining as typing it all away.

This blog will be documenting lots of memories - both happy and sad, venting, opinionated ranting and inappropriate amounts of arbitrary things. I hope you enjoy!

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