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JaneVentures: San Diego (Again!)

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As one of my Christmas gifts, I planned a day trip in San Diego last weekend. We are mostly driving to San Diego for delicious tacos called Fish Mart.

The best shrimp & octopus tacos we've ever had in our lives

Part of my San Diego itinerary was going to places we both have never been to before. Our first stop was the San Diego Museum of Art. It was a two-storey museum that had a mishmash of art genres like Renaissance, Impressionism, Cubism as well as cultural art from India, China & Japan. My favorites were the artworks of Wolf Kahn & Frantisek Kupka. The entrance fee was $15 for adults.

We also visited the Japanese Friendship Garden, which was less than a quarter mile away from the museum. It was gorgeous though I definitely regret the fact that we missed out on the cherry blossoms being abloom. The entrance fee was $10 for adults.

On the way home

On our way home, I got hungry and we decided to swing by my boyfriend's favorite cafe when he went to school in UCI (University of California - Irvine) called the Le Diplomate Cafe. We both had the Brie Melt sandwiches. It was good! We also tried the ice cream rolls (Thai style ice cream) from Stax Cookie Bar in ube flavor topped with mangoes and condensed milk for dessert.

Albeit the drive itself was an exhausting one (for Romain even moreso), all in all, it was a wonderful weekend. We're probably not going to do that again anytime soon though.

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