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Girls' Night Out & Hiking With Romain's Parents

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The past week - the first week of March - has been brimming with exciting adventures & fun memories for me.

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, a new establishment that just opened in the Glendale area, has recently won my heart. As a dessert aficionado, if I come into your dessert place and I'm overwhelmed by the options for toppings, you've won my heart. The yogurt isn't really the best in terms of quality (I'm still a Pinkberry girl for that), but with the wide array of toppings at my grasp? It's definitely a good visit.

Come Friday, I went out with my friend Elle to grab sushi & drinks in Little Tokyo. After sushi, we came across a public karaoke bar called Tokyo Beat where we can sing songs in front of other people. The song selections were dismal and the cocktails were a little overpriced for what they were ($14 for a 'meh' drink - I pay the same price for a well-done margarita, tyvm). However, the highlight of my evening was that I sang in front of complete strangers for the first time!!! Of course, I got anxious and had to excuse myself because I felt like I was about to puke beforehand. Fortunately, the anxiety disappeared during my number and I actually got a strong round of applause from everyone.

When I headed back home, I also took a bunch of photos of Downtown Los Angeles. I've always loved evenings in DTLA if only because it seems more serene and less affected by the hustle & bustle that's normalized in metropolitan areas. It's calming.

On Sunday, Romain & I drove to the valley to visit his parents. We had planned to go on a hike somewhere of their choosing, and we ended up going to the Las Virgenes Canyon. It was beyond gorgeous. We walked about 7.5 miles back and forth, and I was completely exhausted afterward. However, it was so undeniably worth it! The place is straight out of a Windows wallpaper. I did not see that coming.

The Blaviers

Afterward, we went to a gastropub close to their house called the HQ Gastropub. It was a nice place and the waiter was pretty cool. I also discovered a new Belgian beer I liked. I tend to be very picky with beer so it was a surprise for both my boyfriend and I. I really enjoy spending time with his parents. For people who are wildly successful in their chosen career paths and are both astonishingly intelligent, they are so incredibly down to earth. I love that we talk about sociopolitical issues and a host of other topics.

If I may reiterate - it was definitely a wonderful week.

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