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Life Lately: Social Media Hiatus, Long Walks & Event Rock It in Pasadena

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Can you believe October is a week away from being over, and there are only two more months before Christmas?!? I'm excited about the holiday season, as I always am, not only because of the aura of glee and vibrancy that seems to run amok during that time of the year but also because of the things we all love about cold seasons - scarves, soft sweaters, tall boots and wonderfully hued leaves.

The weather's been so nice, in fact, that I've resorted to walking the two miles home every day after work. Long walks are not only healthier, it also makes me appreciate being alive a little bit more. I am looking forward to when the weather is cold enough for triple layers, beanies and scarves!

During the weekend, my siblings and I, alongside our respective significant others, met up at the Event Rock It's food fest in Pasadena where he hung out and gorged on several food selections. I've been to a couple of Event Rock It's food festivals, and they have always been satisfactory.

One of the things that caught our eye in the food fest was this sushi donut, which I've wanted to try. Sushi donuts are taking the food scene by storm and it seemed inappropriate to miss the chance to try it, especially given the fact that we are big sushi aficionados. The presentation was good but to be honest, it was quite disappointing taste-wise. Then again, I'm not really expecting anything remarkable about sushi donuts. I don't think anything can top a nigiri taste-wise and in this instance, it's really the novelty that matters.

Speaking of novelty, we also ordered Honey Walnut Shrimp, Rainbow Cream Cheese Wontons & a Strawberry Lime drink from Fairy Dust Wontons. It's the cutest spread ever! The Rainbow Cream Cheese Wontons had colorful fillings and both our plates were covered in edible glitter. Taste-wise, it wasn't anything spectacular, but it filled our stomachs.

Also, I've decided to stop using social media for a month or so about two days ago for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons why is because I didn't like who I was becoming in social media. I became too concerned with what other people thought and had less time dedicated to improving myself, pursuing what I actually liked doing and just being more appreciative of my life.

I honestly thought it would be harder, that I would get some withdrawals about not knowing who posted what but funnily enough, I'm okay. More than okay, in fact. I know the world is going to continue on spinning and life will move forward as it always has, and I'm fine with not being in the know anymore. It's such a liberating feeling, and I definitely enjoy having more time for myself.

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