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2 years with the bestest (because just best isn't enough)

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Taken at a photo booth in the Eagle Rock Plaza - Romain chose the background. 
What happens when two headstrong, passionate and argumentative people fall in love? We happen.

He loves me in a way I never knew I needed - the kind of love that would not hesitate to call me out when I cross a line, but at the same time, would not hesitate to pull me in his arms with forgiveness in his heart. He answers my weird, existentialist questions at 3 a.m. in the morning, never accepts my half-hearted "I'm fine" when he knows I'm not okay at all and deals with my occasional (fiiiiiine, oft) bratty attitude with unparalleled patience, kindness and love. It's been an amazing two years with this man, and I look forward to more years of love and magic.

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