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Weekend Hangs

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This past weekend has been quite an amazing one for a lot of good reasons. Romain surprised me with these beautiful roses and his cute handwriting on Friday evening to celebrate our "monthiversary". I didn't have anything to give so I kinda felt bad. Nevertheless, he's the most adorable person ever & he makes me so happy!

Afterwards, Romain & I tried a new restaurant we recently discovered called Fish King. Actually, scratch that. Despite the delicious meal we've had, this place is actually primarily a fish market. They sell fresh & high-quality fish & seafood as well as other fish-related items.

This doesn't look much but trust me when I say the plates were totally swoon-worthy. We ordered the grilled salmon in lemon butter with rice and sea bass in cajun rub with french fries. We also ordered shrimp & fish tacos. Allow me to say that when we come back for round 2 (notice I said when & not if because we're for sure coming back to this place), we're getting the exact same plates except for cajun rub for the grilled salmon as well. Both fish were so juicy and well-cooked, and they tasted even better with their seafood sauce. It was perfection in two plates. The tacos were both 'eh' though, and I wish we got something else instead.

Come Saturday, we celebrated our "monthiversary" with sushi at Sushi Go 55 (like we always do). It's one of our favorite go-to restaurants for sushi just because the prices are reasonable, it's close to both our neighborhoods and the fish is of excellent quality (don't go on days where you know it's going to be packed though).
We tried some shishito peppers stuffed with spicy tuna & eel with some eel sauce (it was very delicious). We also got our usuals of tuna hand rolls, salmon, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, kanpachi, red snapper, eel & uni. We went to Ice Cream Lab to get some liquid nitrogen made cookies n' cream ice cream shortly after. They have other flavors but after trying them, we've found that the cookies n' cream flavor is really the only thing worth getting in that place.

On Sunday, we met up with my college friend and her husband. They're such a lovely couple! We spent most of the time talking a lot, laughing too loudly, reminiscing about the past, getting delicious macarons & walking around the Glendale area. I miss Theresa a lot, considering we haven't seen each other in the last three years. I mean, we both opt not to drive so it's kind of both our faults.

Randy was in the train's way & I have no idea what Romain is doing. 

I had such an amazing time hanging out with them & I really look forward to seeing them again soon! My weekend was also filled with lots of Hutu & Tutsi one-to-one hangouts and a trip to Green Crush to finally try their picante crush. It was really good, and I think I'm going to get that all the time now. We also came across my good friend Elle at the Galleria before we parted ways.

Hutu's gorgeous eyes & the couch he & Tutsi had cooperatively ripped apart.

Life is so great you guys, and I feel so grateful for everything. 

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